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You may be tempted to put off chimney repairs. 

But if you wait too long, a leaking chimney can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.

Look for cracked crowns or washes, deteriorating bricks or mortar joints. 

All are signs that chimney is need of immediate repair.

By doing one or more of the following repairs now, you can avoid more costly structural damage in the future:


Vines are one of the worst enemies of masonry.  The vines tend to root into the mortar joints of the chimney and destroy them.  If you have vines growing on your chimney one of the best things you could possibly do it to cut them down before costly repairs are needed.

Repair or replace a damaged chimney crown or wash
Chimney crowns act as a masonry roof over the empty part of your chimney chase - keeping water out of the chimney. Crowns take quite a bit of abuse, and need to be repaired or replaced when they crack or split due to weather. We have several solutions for cracked crowns depending on your particular situation. Contact us today for more information.

Replace deteriorated brick, block or stone/Repair mortar joints
. Chimneys are constantly exposed to the elements, and water wrecks many of them. Tuckpointing and masonry repairs are an inevitable part of owning a masonry chimney. We specialize in making repairs with high-quality materials that will outlast other solutions. If you've got missing mortar joints or loosening brick, call in the experts to get your chimney back in shape. Contact us today for more information

Have professional grade flue caps installed
.   Chimney flue caps help keep your flue free from blockages, birds nests, and water damage. We install high-quality chimney caps which are designed for years of trouble-free service. Contact us today for more information.

Repair or replace damper. 
A poorly fitted damper, or a missing or damaged damper, cost you money each winter - as the heated air in your home leaks up the chimney. Properly fitted and operational dampers save you money in yearly heating and energy bills. Our dampers are top-quality, and are installed by professionals. Contact us today for more information.

Have your chimney waterproofed
Water and moisture damage both the inside and outside of masonry chimneys. In early Spring and late Fall when the temperatures are above freezing during the day, and dip below freezing at night, damage is done to masonry chimneys when the water trapped inside them expands during freezing. Contact us today for more information.

If you suspect that your chimney is showing signs of damage or already leaking,  call or email us today to set up an appointment for your free estimate.




We guarantee to beat any competitors written estimate on chimney/masonry repairs!